On September 25, a large number of buyers, enthusiasts, lovers of beautiful Norman have crossed Livestock LAGUERRE to ETALLEVILLE (76) (North Yvetot).

Before the sale, Laguerre Christophe wanted his beautiful Norman depart in good farms where he can see them again. His wish was fulfilled because the experts are not mistaken.

Nearly 90% of females of this beautiful Laguerre family herd were sold with 2 TOP price € 2,900 for Henriette, the mascot of which joins the breeding herd EARL OSMONT to Ecalles Alix (76) and Hanabelle (Voupigny) who joined with his daughter Eolonne the Hebert farm in Tourville les Ifs (76).

Under perfect and dynamic orchestration Crugnale master the 30aine females, fully erect and shaved for the occasion, presented auction were auctioned for € 1,800 while average sale for the silent latter is € 1,145 for the other females of breeding calf cow confirmed!

The association of breeders and Upper Normandy Origenplus cooperative supported by the generosity of the Laguerre family have risen to this challenge belly exceptional herd morphology (+ 70% female and pointed pts + 80 and an average of 81.5 pts !).

Thank you to all the players who helped create a true event around that Norman dispersion of Laguerre flock that was a wonderful holiday for the whole Norman family!